Customizable Workshops and Presentations

Through real-world examples and audience participation, Purvis conference presentations and in-house workshops provide insights, tools, and techniques to resolve essential business challenges. We can customize any of these for your organization, whether an industry conference or an in-house training session specifically designed with your team in mind.

Brand Animation

1. Sell Your Brand!—Checking Sells Itself

Target Audience: CEO, Volunteers, Executive Teams


2. Marketing Innovators: Moving From Cost Center to Revenue Machines!

Target Audience: CMO, COO, Retail Branch


3. Sales Animation™: Resolving the Paradox of Relationship Sales

Target Audience: HR, COO, CEO, Retail Branch


4. Brand and the Back Office

Target Audience: COO, CEO, Executives Teams


5.  Hiring for Animation™*

Target Audience: HR, COO, CEO, Retail Branch


Motivation, Incentive & Cooperation


Target Audience: COO, HR, CEO, Executive Teams.


Charismatic Branding™—Leveraging the Credit Union Identity


Target Audience: CEO, Volunteers, All Staff.


Politics, Policy and the Credit Union Industry


Target Audience: Volunteers, Executive Teams.

Here’s what credit union executives are saying about Purvis Management’s workshops:

“Matt was great!!”

“One of the best sessions of any conference I’ve ever been to.”

“Really interesting topic – this was a session that I took a lot of ideas from that I can use at my CU. Matt was an engaging speaker.”

“Thanks for talking a lot about the ‘how.’ So many sessions talk about what you should do but leave out the valuable ‘how’ to get there.”

“The best of the breakout sessions I attended.”