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Sales Animation™

We all want to invest in our employees. At the same time, we need to know that our investments will build a better organization—new skills, capabilities, growing sense of competence, more effective teams—and deliver bottom line business results, too.

The solution?  Sell Your Brand–Checking Sells Itself!

Purvis’s Training Animation™ provides new solutions to intractable business problems and moves rapidly from training to doing. Each day is practice for the next. By moving training into the branch or team and facilitating peer conversations and review, training becomes doing and doing becomes habit. In short order, the character of the organization advances, staff engagement ratchets up and consumers feel the difference.

The Sales Animation Process and Timeline

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The Sales Animation process takes approximately four months to complete, depending on scheduling needs. Scheduled executive time can be limited to: communication during the discovery phase, one two-hour Sales Animation workshop, and a scheduled debrief during the campaign evaluation.

1. Discovery

We analyze your brand using:

  • Mission and vision statements
  • Brand positioning and brand promises
  • Service-level agreements
  • Interviews with executive team/management

Timeline for research conducted remotely: 1 week

2. Pre-Campaign Sales Animation Survey

An anonymous, online survey explores each staff member’s:

  • Understanding of integrated brand theory
  • Opinions and insights regarding your institution’s brand
  • Self-assessment of skills and abilities bringing your brand to life

Timeline for survey assessment: 2 weeks

3. Sales Animation Workshops

Using insights from Discovery and the Sales Animation Survey, each workshop delivers:

  • Deeper understanding of your organization’s unique identity and values
  • Practical and actionable understanding of brand
  • Brand Behaviors™ that will deliver your brand promises as consumer experience and reposition sales in service of your mission

Workshop timing (or as schedules allow): 1 week

4. Sales Animation Campaign

Action drives change! Each week of the campaign, we facilitate a 15-minute conference call
with front-line staff to:

  • Discuss challenges and successes executing the Brand Behaviors
  • Create plans and accountabilities to continuously improve implementation and effectiveness of your Brand Behaviors
  • Assess progress on the organization’s targeted sales or service metrics

Campaign length: 8 weeks

5. Campaign Evaluation

Campaign results will be assessed in two dimensions:

  • Staff understanding, confidence and skill animating your institution’s brand, assessed through a Post-Campaign Sales Animation Survey
  • Success achieving your sales/service goals

Timeline for survey dissemination and assessment: 3 weeks

Contact us to explore customized options to drive employee engagement, leadership, sales and service, team building, differentiation, and hiring practices.

Sales Animation Process

“Matt’s strategic planning and brand planning work with our volunteers and executive team delivered a true break-through. By carefully listening to each stakeholder and, at times, challenging our beliefs and practices, Matt helped us define target markets that honor our past and provide strong growth opportunities for the future. Our action plans are keeping us on track and working together to ensure our success.”
Glenn Styer

CEO Bucks First Federal Credit Union (now Inspire Federal Credit Union)

Bristol, Pennsylvania