Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan Animation™

Strategic plans should engage all staff to build the responsive, enduring organizations that our communities crave.

Most of our clients have detailed, prioritized action plans that cover common operational projects. And most also have clear, compelling values-based aspirations, for example,  mission, vision, core values, and brand promises that are strong.  And still, they know that the organization is not “all-in.”

Most organizations fail to translate their compelling, aspirational strategic objectives into tangible experiences tailored for their target markets.  This is the step where market leaders are born.

What most are missing are clear, step-by-step processes that make these elusive objectives manageable.

Animated Strategic Planning brings your organization to life. Unlike stock, mechanical planning processes, our systems work from your unique, values-based content ensuring that your plan is much more than a list of projects. It’s time to bring your culture to life.  Contact us to find out more.

“Personal feeling…this was the BEST planning session we have ever had. I am glad to be a small part of a great organization.”

Joe Simpson

Director,  GEMC FCU, Atlanta, GA.