Animation Systems

Animation Systems™


Animate = To Bring to Life

Your organization’s mission, vision, and brand promises are compelling. Your strategy is clear and strong and your values are meaningful. Are staff able to translate these aspirations into customer experiences that grow productive, primary relationships? Brand Animation is a ground-breaking process that helps your organization live up to its potential by designing and delivering experiences that live out your strategic brand identity.

We all know a few truly animated organizations. These businesses choose to perform their activities a little differently than their rivals. These choices help them make lasting emotional connections with their target audiences. Their success is no mystery.

Effectively, animated organizations “sell” their brand before they “sell” their products or services.  Brand Animation is a revolutionary approach to business strategy, staff engagement and motivation, and sales. It develops powerful and sustainable cultures and provides the step-by-step processes to turn your mission and brand promises into market realities.

When you invest in Purvis’s planning, workshops, campaigns and speaking programs you are taking concrete steps to achieve game-changing results. Contact us to receive our detailed step-by-step process, timeline, and success metrics.

“Animation Systems have been is a revelation. Through Matt’s workshops and campaigns, employee engagement has increased dramatically and we’re doubling—or better—our growth targets. Accomplishing these goals through “brand behavior” means we’re strengthening our culture and brand and truly living our organization’s mission.”

Mark Zook
CEO Maps Credit Union
Salem, Oregon